The M@THGAN MOOC is structured around 6 comprehensive modules, each designed to empower educators with innovative teaching strategies and enrich their mathematics classrooms. Within each module, you'll find a range of dynamic elements that collectively create an immersive and engaging learning experience: Module 1 initiates our expedition with "Effective Ways of Teaching Mathematics." Here, we unravel the art of imparting mathematical concepts with clarity and impact, unlocking the potential for profound understanding in students. Module 2, titled "Model of Classroom Activities Mathematics" is a comprehensive exploration of innovative and engaging approaches to teaching mathematics. It consists of five parts, each addressing specific aspects of math education. Module 3, Using Games and Gamification as educational tools, explores the dynamic realm of integrating games and gamification into mathematics education. Discover how game-based learning can motivate students, encourage problem-solving, and adapt to different learning paces. Module 4, Computational thinking and using coding in Mathematics teaching, aims at enhancing math education by integrating computational thinking and coding to foster deeper understanding and problem-solving skills in students, with a focus on introducing key principles and practical application in Math Lessons and enhancing geometric concepts through Quality-Oriented Education in Geometry. In Module 5: Explore Mathematics, Which is an Art and the Art That is Mathematics, we will guide you in seamlessly blending these two fields. You will discover innovative applications and websites that leverage new technologies to make math lessons engaging and inspiring. In Module 6: Outdoor Mathematics - Math in Nature!, we will embark on a journey to discover the beauty and educational potential of teaching mathematics outdoors, in the heart of nature. Our goal is to show you how mathematics can be not just learned but truly appreciated when it's connected to the natural world around us.