Currently, with the unstoppable development and implementation of information and communication technologies in educational centers, at all educational levels, the participation of teachers in the development of educational content in digital format is necessary to use them with students in different curricular areas and subjects and on different devices (desktop computers, laptops, tablets, Chromebooks), just as the teachers have been involved in the preparation and authorship of the textbooks.

To achieve this, it is necessary that they have, and know how to use, tools that allow them to develop open educational resources in digital format, and secure spaces or platforms to publish said content.

Course on the development of Open Educational Resources in digital and interactive format using authoring tools such as eXeLearning (, and its complementation with virtual classrooms (based on Moodle) and web hosting spaces.

During the course, participants will be shown the different options for creating and publishing OER, including the different functionalities of the eXeLearning Online version integrated into some Moodle virtual classrooms. Various OER publishing options will also be shown on different web hosting spaces and LMS platforms.

An entire digital ecosystem based on free software for the generation, publication and dissemination of open and interactive educational content, and “learning situations”, in digital format.

Furthermore, currently, several European educational institutions are collaborating in the development of these open-source tools and promoting their use and in the production and distribution of OER for all curricular areas and educational stages.

Development of Open Educational Resources / Learning Situations in digital and interactive format using open authoring tools, such as eXeLearning (, H5P ( and others, and their publication in virtual classrooms (based on Moodle: and official web hosting spaces, such as Educamadrid (, and commercial and free ones such as Wix (https :// and Replit (, Lumi ( and on the Procomún platform ( of the INTEF (Spanish Ministry of Education), or in Github.