spiceMagnetic properties of materials

Author: Pavla Sadecka


Implemented in:Portugal and Ireland

Description: The objective of this GP is to activate all the knowledge that students already have about magnets and to extend it with further knowledge. The lessons start with an experiment carried out by the teacher, which is then followed by a brainstorming in class to find out what the students already know about magnets and what they would like to know about them. The teacher writes the students’ answers down on a flipchart and once the list is complete, the teacher splits the questions into different home groups and topics and distributes them among the students in order to create expert groups. The students have to do research together in their expert groups to find out the answers to the questions, which at the end they will present to the members of their home group, as well as by posters to the whole class. Finally the students have to answer a quiz to see if they can apply their acquired knowledge to various examples and experiments.

More information:Spice GP - Magnetic properties of materials