Author: Monika Bartova


Implemented in:Poland, Ireland and Portugal

Description: The aim of this GP is to raise students’ interest in chemical compounds by discussing vitamin C. Students are split into groups and receive six information cards about six different chemical elements. They match the symbols in the right order to find the name of the compound: vitamin C. After that the whole class discussed what contains vitamin C, why it is necessary for our health and what diseases appear due to lack of vitamin C. Following this introductory lesson the students return to their former groups and start online research on the recommended daily amount of vitamin C, which fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C and how much, and how to cook without losing vitamin C. This exercise will open the eyes of many students and make them more aware of their own consumption of fruit and vegetables. Following the lessons the students are asked to count on a daily basis how much fruit and vegetable they eat during a day/week and calculate how much vitamin C they get from it. In a following lesson the students have to carry out an experiment in which they mix various substances with vitamin C tablets and make the vitamin C change colour so that they can see the amount of vitamin C that is contained in their mix.

More information:Spice GP - Biocatalyzers