spiceScience in the KitchenLab & in the LanguageLab

Author: Malgorzata Zajaczkowska, Piotr Klosowski and Anna Roginska

Origin: POLAND

Implemented in:Portugal, Lithuania and Czech Republic

Description: This GP is based on the idea that a kitchen is just like a science laboratory. It is the objective of this GP that students understand that not only are the products stored under the sink chemicals, but also all the ingredients that are used to cook are made up of chemical compounds. The lesson is built on experiments called “Invisible Chemistry”, which are based on the properties of a few water solutions, such as table salt, baking soda and vinegar mixed with water. Students have to learn that there are substances in water which they can find using their senses and there are others which they can identify using tools. The students have to carry out experiments, observe the colour changes of the water solutions, describe them using scientific explanations of the chemical reactions and record the data by filming and taking photos.

More information:Spice GP - Science in the KitchenLab & in the LanguageLab