spiceSimulations in Physics class

Author: Daniel Aguirre

Origin: SPAIN

Implemented in:Romania, Hungary and Slovakia

Description: The main objective of this GP is to develop a didactic sequence where students learn about buoyancy, sinking concepts and the Archimedes principle using computer simulations. The lessons start with an experiment and discussion in order to provoke reflection and to try to challenge some of the misconceptions students have concerning these concepts. This GP is designed to combine lab work and simulations in order to learn Physics laws from various angles, without neglecting the concepts defined in the inquiry-based learning methodology. Students are confronted with computer simulations and real hands-on experiments, in order to stimulate their curiosity and provoke questions and predicted solutions before working on finding the answers themselves by doing real and virtual experiments. It is particularly important to connect the virtual experiments and simulations to real-world experiences as students will learn more if they can see that the knowledge is relevant to their everyday life.

More information:Spice GP - Simulations in Physics class