The main objective of the course is to train teaching teams, and other professionals related to pediatric patients suffering from rare diseases.

This is a training course for early childhood education teachers, which is part of the Erasmus + MEYE (Mathematics in Early Years Education) project. Its main objective is to improve their knowledge of the teaching of mathematics from 0 to 6 years old. The specific objectives of the course are:

a) To reinforce and provide resources to the training that Early Childhood Education professionals have on the area of mathematics and its didactics.

b) To show methodological approaches to introduce mathematics through routines, exploration of the environment, manipulation and playful and meaningful activities in nursery schools.

c) To provide tools to improve the quality of mathematics teaching and to update professional skills available to educators and teachers in nursery schools.

d) To give coherence and continuity to the training and teaching of mathematics for early childhood education between educators (0-3 years) and teachers (3-6 years).

The contents of the course, which presents various methodological proposals, activities and questionnaires, can be divided into the following five blocks:

i) Principles of mathematical, logical and computational thinking.

ii) Number sense. Number to count, number to order, number to express quantities.

iii) Introduction to arithmetic.

iv) Spatial sense and geometry. Measurement.

v) Chance and uncertainty.

Importance of STEM at VET Schools

The course is addressed to Primary and low Secondary teachers.

The course encourages teachers to engage a scientific methodology adapted to small children.

It offers natural based activities addressed to children in order to appreciate their own natural environment and to know the fundamental paper of plants in our live.

It offers a workshop  that helps to understand the paper of water, CO2 and light in the creation of glucosa. The creation of oxigen as a waste product and the need of plants respiration to return to the process.

 İlk ve ortaokul öğrencilerine STEM eğitimi hakkında bilgi vererek. Öğrencilere Mühendislik tasarım süreci ile STEM etkinlikleri yaptırmayı amaçlamaktadır.