This topic will explore the concepts of branding and visual identity with examples of how visual identity impacts on the daily project activities. Concepts of Copyright and Intellectual Property, as well as their relationship with the daily work of Scientix Ambassadors will also be investigated.

There are many factors working together to make a good presentation: from the way you are organising the content of your talk, to the supporting tools you are using, to the actual content of the talk and the way you are using your body to better transmit the message.

This module goes through some useful tips on how to better your public speaking - no matter the type and amount of people in the audience, or the topic of your speech.

Social media is a powerful tool: it gives everyone the chance to share their messages with incredibly large audiences. But this does not necessarily mean that everyone is being heard.
When all are talking, it becomes difficult to know who to listen to.
Starting from the examples of the Scientix social media channels, we will point you to some interesting guidelines to make your social media posts more efficient.