This course gives guidance to teachers who intend to develop math research workshops for students. The workshops encourage students to engage in and eventually learn math by discovering and researching it. The math research workshop develop students’ creativity, initiative, critical thinking, problem solving skills, etc., and give students the chance to exchange ideas by working in groups both within their workshop and with students from a different math research workshop.

This course aims to explain how to recognize a rock type starting from its characteristics.

This introductory  Robotics course  uses the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 Education Core Set (hardware referred to as EV3) and EV3 Education Edition Programming Software (free download) to teach the first steps on  STEM Robotics to middle school students.

The course goals are: learning  to build, to program, and to test  solutions relatives to STEM problems.
This course  is divided into the following arguments: 
1. Opening the EV3 kit
2. Learning the EV3 Programming SW
3. Building  your first mobile robot
4. Moving your robot.